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DSL in Albuquerque -- High-Speed Internet For New Mexico Homes

DSL Albuquerque can provide you with an affordable alternative to the 'slow dial-up lane' of the Internet. You can move over to a 'fast lane' with DSL Internet. You don't need cable or fiber-optic Internet to get faster speeds, so you don't have to wait for those services to come to your area.

If you have a landline phone, Albuquerque High-Speed DSL and DSL Broadband are within your reach right now because DSL Providers Albuquerque can use that phone line to provide you with Internet at the same time. No missed calls, no weird noises when you call home, just two New Mexico services sharing one line without conflict.

How Does Albuquerque DSL Work?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet service uses the Albuquerque telephone network to transmit signals while sharing the phone line. The two signals are different frequencies so they do not interfere with each other. Regular NM dial-up Internet service cannot do this because you only get one service (phone or Internet) at a time since you are literally dialing the phone to call the Internet. Even worse, if you are using dial up to dial into a hub outside of the Albuquerque city limits, you may be hit by long distance charges.

What Can DSL Do For Albuquerque Residents?

  • More bandwidth, making better connection speeds
  • Enjoy an always on connection
  • If your Albuquerque home has a phone line, then installation is simple
  • Albuquerque DSL is easily bundled with phone and Satellite TV packages, reducing costs
  • DSL can be an affordable alternative to expensive New Mexico cable
  • Albuquerque DSL speeds can range from 768kbps to 25 mbps
  • Since Albuquerque DSL is established, there are many options to choose for your home

Connection speeds with DSL do vary, depending on your proximity to the provider's hub. The only way to know your potential connection speed at your address is to call and find out how DSL Providers Albuquerque can put you in the 'fast lane' of the internet.